Best Canned Meat


Our Story


Hello I’m Don Wertz and I am the proud owner of Don Wertz Family Farms and Best Canned Meat. My Wertz Family has been raising beef in North West Ohio since 1852. I am the 7th generation of our family and keeping up with the family tradition.
In 1970 my father Wendell Wertz started canning his high quality beef and sold it to our surrounding neighbors. Whether it was for family meal needs or even for survival needs. I have learned from the best in raising high quality beef and pork. What we use in our cans is the same meat quarters and halfs that we sell locally to our customers.


I have learned that steers at the ages of 12 to 20 months yield the best most flavorful meat, and that is what you’ll get when you purchase my canned beef!
Also, with every can you will get the best cuts of meat like the filet, ribeye, new york strip, and porterhouse cuts! Canned pork includes tenderloin!
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