Best Canned Meat

Canned Pork and Beef for Food Storage

Meat is a hot-button topic right now and a food item that is essential for proper nutrition. Whether you’re concerned with future problems in the meat supply chain or you fear that state and federal policies will eventually curtail the availability of meat for members of the public, Best Canned Meats can address your worries. Our canned beef and pork grant you access to meat you can trust to be there when you need it.

The Perks of Canned Meat

Few people have the equipment necessary to store large quantities of frozen meat—and let’s face it, freezing it for long-term storage doesn’t bring the best results anyway. On the other hand, almost everyone has access to a climate-controlled space in which they can store canned meat. Moreover, our Wertz's Canned beef and pork when kept at normal room temperature and humidity the nutrition and condition is the same in year 50 as on day 1 when canned.

Another benefit that our canned meat offers over frozen meat is that you don’t have to worry about cooking it. This means that even in the event of a disaster that takes out utility lines, you can enjoy our canned meat without worrying about eating undercooked beef or pork. We have cans of beef that customer's have had in storage over 50 years that their using now and are just as good as the day they were canned!.

The Perks of Choosing Best Canned Meat

When you buy canned beef or pork from Best Canned Meat, you don’t have to worry about mysterious ingredients, toxic additives, or unregulated foreign meat. Our cattle and pigs are locally-grown in Tiffin, OH, area with no antibiotics or hormones, and fed Non GMO-feed. Moreover, each of our cans is filled with fully cooked prime cuts of beef or pork.We can the same high quality young beef and pork that we sell to our freezer customer's for over 50 years. We used all prime cuts so its like getting whole beef or pork in every canned.

Our company is veteran-owned and -operated, and we even offer discounts if you send a gift pack to active service members. The farm where we raise our cattle and pigs has been in our family for seven generations, so we know how to raise them the good old-fashioned way.

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